ten Reasons Organizations Hire Consultants

featured in Entrepreneur magazine, 2014

  1. A consultant may be hired because of his or her expertise.  It’s impossible to have all the expertise needed to operate a successful business on staff.  A consultant can provide expert advice in area’s the business would not have access to otherwise.
  2. A consultant may be hired to identify problems.  Sometimes employees are too close to a problem inside an organization to identify it.  That’s when a consultant tides in on his or her white horse to save the day.
  3. A consultant may be hired to supplement the staff.  Sometimes a business discovers that it can save thousands of dollars by hiring consultant when they are needed, rather than hiring full-time, or even part-time employees.  Businesses realize they save additional money by not having to pay benefits for consultants they hire.  Even though a consultant’s fees are generally higher than an employee’s salary, over the long haul, it simply makes good economic sense to hire a consultant.
  4. A consultant may be hired to act as a catalyst.  Let’s be honest.  No one likes change, especially in their professional life.  But sometimes change is needed, and a consultant may be brought in to “get the ball rolling.”  In other words, the consultant can do things without worrying about the corporate culture, employee morale or other issues that get in the way when an organization is trying to institute change.
  5. A consultant may be hired to provide much-needed objectivity.  Who else is more qualified to identify a problem than a consultant?  A good consultant provides an objective, fresh viewpoint- without worrying about what people in the organization might think about the results and how they were achieved.
  6. A consultant may be hired to teach.  These days, employees are constantly in need of special or new skills and information.  A consultant may be used to develop trainings and teach employees important skills without taking away valuable resources from the existing workforce.
  7. A consultant may be hired to do the “dirty work.”  Let’s face it:  No one wants to be the person who has to make cuts in the staff or to eliminate an entire department or product line.  Consultants can assist with making those difficult decisions and even carry out the work when necessary.
  8. A consultant may be hired to bring new life to an organization.  Consultants who are good at coming up with new ideas that work will not have any trouble finding clients.  At one time or another, most businesses need someone to administer “first aid” to get things rolling again.
  9. A consultant may be hired to create a new business.  Consultants have seen so many businesses start up, the process is almost second nature to them.  Once an entrepreneur has a new idea, a consultant is a perfect resource for helping to get the process moving and developing a game plan.
  10. A consultant may be hired to influence other people.  Consultants may be hired to do a job simply for who they know and existing relationships they have.  In addition, they can be hired to influence current staff by persuading them with objective information presented in an objective and un-biased manner.

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