The smarter the company, the bigger the growth.

The only way to grow outward is to invest inward. Our experts will analyze your
company with an outside perspective and figure out what’s working and what’s
holding you back, and then we’ll create a plan to get you growing in the right direction.

Chances are, you could make your business run more efficiently.

Chances are, you could make your business run more efficiently. We have enough experience streamlining companies to basically call that a fact. If you’re looking to get your business into shape, our experts will develop a customized analysis tailored to your business, your situation and the areas you wish to improve. Based on our analysis, we’ll present you with any possible threats or inefficiencies within your business. From there, we’ll suggest ways to improve those areas, reduce company costs, maximize workflow and implement the most cost-effective solutions.

Your workforce is the source for productivity.

Whether or not your company can be effective relies on the people doing the work–you and your team. So you want to be sure you have the right people in the right roles, and that they 100% aware of what is expected from them.


Get the right

Job descriptions are an
essential part of hiring and
managing your employees.
They help attract the right
candidates and serve as the
basis for outlining performance
expectations and career
advancement. They also
provide a reference point for
compensation decisions, hiring
and firing practices and other
issues that could potentially
open you up to liability. We will
work with your company to
develop clear job descriptions
to attract the right candidates.

Get the right

It’s also important to have
a clear and defined
organizational structure.
Employees need to know
who the decision makers are
and who their point people
are to get issues resolved
quickly and effectively.
We will help you create a
functional and sensible
organizational structure
that is tailored to your
company’s workforce.


In an employee handbook,
companies lay out expectations
of employees, expectations of
the company, as well as human
resource issues such as policies
on absences, compensation
and conflict of interests. We’ll
work with you to write a clear
and concise employee
handbook so your employees
are always aware of company
policies and how it relates to
their work.

Figuring out the Finances.

Whether you’re a novice to accounting, you need a loan package or you have cash flow concerns, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you.

Get a Plan:

Creating a budget–or
reviewing a current one–is a
great way to address finance
concerns. We can develop a
plan to help your business
address cash flow concerns,
cost controls, pricing issues,
operational hang-ups and
any other financial concern.

Get a Loan:

We can help you navigate
the complicated and often
intimidating process of
securing a loan. Lenders
and investors are looking
for a comprehensive,
organized and professional
proposal with very specific
information included. We’ll
educate you about the
process and expectations
and help you prepare the
documents you need.

Get Quickbooks:

Our trained Quickbooks
professional will assess where
you are in your accounting
and bookkeeping process. For
beginners, we work with you
step-by-step to get you set up
and comfortable. For those
already using QuickBooks,
we’ll make sure you’re getting
the most out of the program
and its features.

A landscaping business builds efficiency from the ground up.

A large landscaping business with 30 employees first reached out to tenBiz with problems in systems and efficiency—they believed they needed help with technology training and personnel issues. We quickly determined that, while they were successful, the systems they had in place did not support an efficient operation. So we got to work.

We immediately set up a plan that would help them systemize the operations they had in place, while integrating news ones. We created an organizational chart, job descriptions, and incentive programs for their human resources department. We also held various trainings for their field staff on customer service, time management and how to be accountable for their work. And finally we implemented inventory and Quickbooks software to keep things more organized, streamlined and efficient.

Through this partnership, our client increased their productivity without having to increase their resources. Three years later, we continue to work with this company and have become a valuable member of their “executive” team.