The right connections to get you what you need.

Connecting people to success is what we do. tenBiz has spent years growing a unique and exceptional network of specialists across industries. Today, our team is as diverse as it is talented. These relationships continue to prove to be a valuable resource in helping you and your business achieve their goals. Whatever you need, we’ll deliver help to your doorstep whenever you need it.

Hire who you know.

We only partner with people who have proven to be talented, professional and reliable by actually working with us. To become an in-house expert or a trusted outsource referral, our connections have to prove themselves through good old-fashioned trust and work. So rather than going through the hassle of trying to find a trusted resource yourself, come to us. Considering our extensive network and experience working with people, we’ll have a trusted connection ready to work for you.

High standards for better work.

At tenBiz, we hold our associates and network of connections to the highest standard so that you get the best work. In addition to proving themselves through their work, they must also exude the following characteristics:

We require them to be
experts in their field
and up-to-date on
current information.

It’s critical that they
can be counted on
to perform.

Personable and relatable.
You should feel at ease
throughout the entire
process and comfortable
speaking openly with the
person helping you.

They must listen to
your needs, be open
to change and be
easy to work with.

A network you want to know.

When it comes down to good business, it’s all about who you know. And when you work with tenBiz, you’re going to “know” a lot of talented and helpful people. Having a deep, accomplished network at your fingertips will do wonders for your business. Whether it’s fixing your budget, rebranding your business or training your staff to put together a successful event, we can introduce you to the right people to grow your business.

A boat shop gets hooked up.

What started as a question about loan and funding capital turned into long-term success for our client’s boat shop and marina business. During our first meeting, we realized they also needed help with marketing and inventory management. They needed an expert who understood the marina business and community –  someone with about ten years’ experience who could lead them through their growth and help them avoid common mistakes. In fact, they had been looking for someone for almost two years with no success.

While tenBiz didn’t have someone that specific on the team, we felt confident that, through the help of our connections, we would be able to find someone. And we did. Within 48 hours, we not only found the perfect person to assist in this project, but by the time we all met to work together, he had already been vetted and on-boarded. In just four hours, we solved many problems the business had been struggling with for years, in an array of areas like suppliers, merchandising, inventory selection and software.

One area they were looking to majorly refresh was marketing. We created a new image for the company and developed a strategic marketing plan that included a detailed plan of action for the following year. Because they didn’t have the staff to execute this, we also implemented it for the company. In just six months we were able to create lasting change for the business; work that is still paying dividends today.